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Quality & Ethical Standards

Medico-Legal strives to meet and exceed your expectations. Each of our Interpreters is a professional who is personally

accountable and responsive to your needs, and holds accreditation with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators

and Interpreters (NAATI) where available.

All Medico-Legal Interpreters and Translators practice in accordance with the Australian Institute of Interpreters and

Translators (AUSIT) professional code of ethics and code of practice.

The eight principle limbs of these codes are summarised as:


Professional Conduct

Interpreters and Translators shall at all times act in accordance with the standards of conduct and decorum appropriate to the aims of AUSIT, the national professional association of interpreting and translation practioners.



Interpreters and Translators shall not disclose information acquired during the course of their assignments.



Interpreters and Translators shall undertake only work which they are competent to perform, in the language areas for which they are 'accredited' or 'recognised' by NAATI.



Interpreters and Translators shall observe impartiality in all professional contracts.



Interpreters and Translators shall take all reasonable care to be accurate.



Interpreters and Translators shall be responsible for the quality of their work, whether as freelance practitioners of interpreting and translation agencies and other employers.


Professional Development

Interpreters and Translators shall continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills.


Professional Solidarity

Interpreters and Translators shall respect and support their fellow professionals. Complete extracts of these codes are available from